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Mobile Tech Podcast with tnkgrl Myriam Joire

Nov 24, 2018

Today we cover the rumors around Samsung's 10th anniversary phone, discuss gaming handsets like the ROG Phone, Razer Phone 2 and Honor Play, and share our thoughts on the OnePlus 6T, Palm Phone, and Microsoft Surface Go.. Good times!


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Avi Greengart:

Samsung 10th anniversary phone:

My Asus ROG phone unboxing:

Razer Phone 2:

My Honor Play unboxing:

Purple OnePlus 6T:

My OnePlus 6T review:

My OnePlus 6T unboxing:

Huawei #1 by 2020:

Red Hydrogen One:

Palm phone:

My Palm phone unboxing:

Surface Go with LTE: